Viv Wellness

Our new line, Viv Wellness, offers all the same benefits of the Conceivable Modular Tincture line. Now for all the patients in your clinic.

Precise, Practical Herbal Interventions
For Every Patient You See.

More Precise Interventions

Designed so that practitioners can mix and match modular formulas to create personalized herbal blends, Viv Wellness makes it far easier to address unique patient needs.


Removing Barriers for Patients

Viv Wellness tinctures taste good and require no cooking or mixing, making them easy for patients to use. The result? Your patients become more compliant, and their clinical results improve.

Easy to Dispense

Viv Wellness formulas dramatically reduce the time you spend measuring and weighing ingredients. That means you spend less time managing a pharmacy, and more time caring for your patients.

How It Works

Special Starter Pack Offer For New Clinic Partners

The Viv Wellness Starter Pack contains everything that you need to get started using our ProLine tinctures:

  • 8 oz. bottles of our 12 base formulas
  • Dropper bottles for dispensing herbs
  • Consumer-facing labels
  • Educational materials that help you get started quickly
  • Expert support by phone and online

That's $2,400 of retail product for only $799

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Viv Wellness different from other herb lines?

Viv was made to give practitioners more control of their herbal prescriptions, while still making it easy for patients to comply with their treatment. Tinctures are easier, faster, and more convenient for patients to take. They also make it easier for you, or your staff, to fill and dispense prescriptions. Our modular line ensures that you are able to produce a custom herbal formula for every patient, to address even the most complicated syndromes.

Where are your herbs produced? Are you cGMP compliant?

Our tinctures are proudly produced in the USA (Oakland, CA). We maintain cGMP compliance and strive to produce the cleanest, most effective herbal products on the market. 

How does Viv Wellness differ from Conceivable?

All of our formulas are built to be mixed and matched, to achieve a perfect blend for each patient's individual constitutional diagnosis. The Viv Wellness line includes the same base formulas as Conceivable, just made with non-fertility patients in mind. 

A Complete Herbal Pharmacy, In Twelve Classic Formulas.
Modernized To Mix and Match.