How to Improve Patient Conversion and Win Online: The Journey from Prospect to Patient

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How to Improve Patient Conversion and Win Online: The Journey from Prospect to Patient

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Thursday, February 21st. 5pm PST.

Millennials are a growing part of our patient base, which is a huge opportunity — they are tech savvy, fitness focused, and spend more of their disposable income on health and wellness. What does that mean? Your online presence has never been more important!

In this two hour class, Rob Krassowski, Conceivable’s Head of Product Development and Design, will be sharing his insights into what makes a truly effective web experience for patients, and how you can create that process easily and inexpensively.

You'll learn how to get noticed, how to build an automated process to get prospects in the door, and how to convert those prospects into long term patients (plus how to measure your success at EVERY stage of the journey)! You don't have to be a tech genius to take this class, you just need to want to win online.

This class will be hands on and practical. It may damn well even be easy and fun! We’ll show you what tools we love and how to get the most out of them. Learn how to track visits to your site, where those visitors go and what they click on, strategies for improving conversion both online and off, email campaigns, text bots, popups, search engine optimization, and a host of other tools that can help put patients in your practice. Some online knowledge is required, but we promise that everyone (yes, even you) will be able to take advantage of these techniques.

Remember — your website is first chance you have to make an impression with patients and other professionals. What is yours saying??

Just $149 for a limited time! Space is limited! If you're not able to attend the session, a recording will be made available. 

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Rob Krassowski is an acupuncturist, health tech entrepreneur, and co-founder of Conceivable. He has designed technology and supplement products for women’s health and wellness and leads Conceivable’s product and content teams. Rob brings research, design, technological, and medical expertise to Conceivable. He also holds a Doctorate degree in acupuncture and herbal medicine from Bastyr University and has more than 10 years of clinical experience. Rob has also published articles in the Journal of Chinese Medicine, taught at Southwest Symposium, and is an ABORM fellow.

Are you interested in having a website that you actually understand? Are you tired of paying developers every single month to make small changes or post blogs? If you’re looking for a better web experience, or help with branding, design, or implementation, Rob will also be available for custom projects on an extremely limited basis — email directly if you’re interested.