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What people are saying about our products

“A breakthrough product... really easy to use and highly effective.”

— Dr. Lorne Brown, Clinical Director of Acubalance Wellness Center and Founder of ProD Seminars

“I was just going to email you to let you know how fantastic your herbs are. We have been integrating them in the practice and I am so impressed. Patients are loving them and I am definitely noticing improved compliance and results. It has also reignited my love for herbs— they are so easy to use and elegantly crafted. Looking forward to continuing the exploration of the Conceivable line. So far, so great.”

— Jennifer L. Moss, MS, L.Ac. Moss Acupuncture

“I own a busy acupuncture clinic and I have been using the Conceivable ProLine for just over a year now with great success. The tincture formulas have become an essential part of my patient protocols. My patients prefer them to teapills because they are easier to take and more affordable. Symptoms are resolved faster and more effectively so patients are taking them more consistently and asking for more. I wouldn’t be without them!”

— Carol Kelly, LAc, RN, BSN

“Our patients and practitioners are in love with our switch to Conceivable herbs!

As practitioners, we have used many different forms of herbal medicine over the last 8 years. We love that we can customize herbs for our patients to give the appropriate herbs based on their constitution at the appropriate time of the menstrual cycle. We also have been very impressed with the formulas and their potency. For our newer practitioners, the Conceivable model offers an easy but effective structure for prescribing herbs to complement and optimize other treatments and overall reproductive health. 

Our patients love that they are formulas specific to reproductive medicine and have been utilized by some of the top practitioners in the country in assisting patients to conceive naturally or in combination with ART. They also love the taste and ease of administration compared to other herbal tinctures or granular formulas. Patients have commented that they feel a difference in taking the herbs compared to previously prescribed formulas from other companies. 

We are extremely happy with our decision to convert our herbal pharmacy to include the Conceivable line and appreciate the expertise of the founder and the practitioners on staff. We look forward to sharing the other Conceivable tools with our patients as a resource and helping hand on their journey to grow their family. ”

— Rebecca Staska Jankowski, C.Ac., MSOM, FABORM

Our Story

A modern conception...

Conceivable Founder & CEO, Kirsten Karchmer, has treated over 7,000 diagnosed infertile couples. Throughout her career, Kirsten has been a pioneer in developing proprietary infertility treatment protocols that maximize the natural fertility of her patients. Before founding Conceivable, Kirsten founded and operated The Texas Center for Reproductive Acupuncture, one of the largest fertility wellness clinics in the US. She is also the former President of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM).

Throughout her career, Kirsten has developed proprietary treatment protocols and optimized the Conceivable ProLine of herbal formulas to address fertility issues. The Conceivable ProLine consists of twelve base formulas, developed and refined over the fifteen years of  her clinical experience treating fertility patients. In over 7,000 cases, we have continually improved our foundational formulas to effectively treat reproductive related issues at the constitution level while simultaneously interacting beautifully in modular applications. We focus on regulating the cycle of menstruation by constitutionally diagnosing and addressing the root causes of cycle irregularities.