Treating Summer Heat

It's summer here in Austin, Texas and it's hot. DAMN HOT! Stuck halfway between the gulf and the plains, we don't have the crazy humidity of the deep South, but it's no desert either. It's humid enough where you never actually feel dry when you towel off after a dip in Barton Springs. It's a humidity that clings, but doesn't quite oppress. 


This week my patients are coming in feeling heavy bodied, fatigued, and can't quite concentrate. That's why I'm finding myself adding Transform to a lot of treatment plans these days. While most folks think of Transform as the go to formula to drain heat from the lower jiao (think yeast infections, UTI's, external yeast, or thrush), it's also really good for summer heat.

Since Transform isn't really a constitutional formula, it should really only take a few days to get a good result. If your patients are feeling fatigued, foggy headed, over heated, vertigo or dizziness, or digestive issues like bloating, fullness, or diarrhea, try a few days of Transform and get them back on track before continuing your regular treatment!